How We Help

Does your current Managing Agent perform to your requirements and level of service expected? If not switch to us for an efficient reliable competitive service.

Are your expectations more than the service that is being received? Service levels should be performed to a high standard to the Freeholder, Landlord, Lessees and Tenants even more reason to switch to us.

We have turned poorly managed estates and block developments back to a very high standard. Given the service which has been expected from the estate or block development. Also helping and assisting Freeholders, Right to Manage (RTM) Companies, Lessees and tenants, return estates and block developments back to the standards expected and giving the level of service required to maintain these.

What to do Next

Whether you are the Freeholder or Director of the Right to Manage (RTM) Company we would like to arrange a meeting with you, to discuss your requirements and the options available at a suitable time and place convenient to you.

Hopefully visiting the estate or block development to carry out an assessment. Please contact our Estates Team direct to discuss your requirements or to initiate the change.

Budgets, Costs and Accounting

Service Charge

We collect the service charge from all Lessees, this is used to cover the costs of maintaining your estate or block development.
Included within this:
  • The Upkeep of any Communal Areas
  • The Upkeep of any Communal Grounds or Gardens
  • The Upkeep of any Communal Utilities
  • Buildings Insurance

When the Service Charge becomes due, we will collect the money required and hold this in a separate client account. Specifically for the estate management or block development. The money collected will then be used to maintain the estate management or block development as required, in accordance to the lease terms and conditions including legislation requirements.

Sinking Fund

Calculated within your service charge is a percentage towards the sinking fund, which is kept in a separate account and used for long term projects, high cost projects, planned maintenance such as internal and external decoration or the replacement of expensive equipment.
We manage the sinking fund on behalf of the Freeholder, Estate Management or Block Development. Any interest occurred at the end of each financial year is then transferred to the Client Account (Service Charge Account).

Ground Rent

The ground rent is a charge that must be paid to the Freeholder, in accordance to the lease terms and conditions in order to occupy a piece of land.
The ground rent is collected in accordance to the lease terms and conditions which is usually along with the service charge. This is then transferred to the Freeholder or Landlord directly.

Making Payment of Service Charges

We invoice Leaseholders in accordance to the lease terms and conditions with the appropriate dates and payment terms to adhere to the Lease.
Payment can be made by cheque, BACS transfer or by debit or credit card.
The Bank Account details will be displayed on the bottom of your invoice with the payment terms.

Failure to Make payment of Service Charges

We understand each Leaseholder has different financial obligations, when the due date of the Invoice has passed it is too late to discuss your invoice and ways to pay. We have a Legal Department who will chase and assess arrears possibly resulting in our Legal Solicitor to commit and collect arrears due
A fair policy is consulted within this measure and arrears from a Lessee can affect the services, to the Estate Management or Block Development. Possibly resulting in additional costs to the other Lessees until the arrears are recovered.
Guidance is taken from the Lease Terms and Conditions in this event. We carefully monitor all our Accounts to ensure payments are collected on time to service the Estate Management or Block Development as required.


Service charge budgeted assessments are produced before each financial year and finalised accounts at the end of the year in accordance to the dates stated in the Lease Terms and Conditions.
The Service Charge Accounts are audited independently by a Chartered Accountant for each Estate or Block Development.